Locals warned “look out for scammers” in Rother

Fraudsters preying on the public through scam telephone calls are believed to be operating in the area of Rother, and people are being warned not to fall for these bogus contacts.

On Tuesday (3 January) officers were told about such a call in the Rother area, in which a man claimed to be a police officer investigating a fraud.

Fortunately the recipient swiftly recognised the call and contacted Sussex Police.

Inspector Daniel Russell, of the Rother Neighborhood Policing Team, said:

“They did the right thing as these calls are best terminated straight away.

This type of scam is quite common across the country and is used as a means to get bank account security details.

Victims are urged to contact their bank and the fraudster pretends to hang up.

In fact the line is still open and the fraudster or an accomplice then pretends to be a bank official to glean personal details.

In some cases they even persuade the victim to surrender cash or their bank card to a ‘courier’ who will then collect such items.”

Inspector Russell added that people who suspect they are being scammed should use an alternative phone, such as a mobile, to call their bank or the police as the line being used by the fraudster can remain open for some time.

You can find out more information about scams on the Sussex Police website just click here.

Anyone experiencing such calls is asked to email [email protected] or phone 101.

You can also report online by clicking here.