A chauffeur held over the robbery of Kim Kardiashian West in Paris has been released by police.

The driver, who took the reality TV star around Paris before the robbery, was one of 17 people arrested in raids across France on Monday.

Police have released two other suspects and are investigating whether the theft was an inside job. 

Among those still in custody is a brother of the chauffeur, according to Associated Press.

During the robbery, Kardashian West had a gun held to her head before being tied up and locked in the bathroom of the flat she was staying in.

The robbers, who wore ski masks and clothes with police markings, made off with a jewellery box containing a ring worth €4m (£3.5m) and other valuables worth between €5m-€6m (£4.4m-£5.2m), a police source said.

French media reported that DNA traces picked up off the tape used to tie up Kardashian West led police to the suspects, who include a 72-year-old man arrested in the Provencal city of Grasse.

A number of firearms and €140,000 (£121,000) in cash were found during the raids.

Kardashian West spoke to detectives after the robbery, which was said to have left her badly shaken but physically unharmed.

A judge investigating the case may travel to the US to speak to the star, who took a three-month break from social media after the incident.

She broke her silence last week, posting a family photo on Instagram.

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