Please note, that all these terms and conditions are in conjunction with More Radio’s standard terms and conditions, which are available to view here.

In the event of a prize provider ceasing trading, the prize will become invalid. However, More Radio will endeavour to replace the prize if possible.

Runaway Bride 2017 – Prize Package Terms and Conditions

More Radio Runaway Bride Competition Rules

1) On Saturday 11th February the 3 pairs of contestants (“the Contestants”) will leave All Saints Chapel, Eastbourne (“the Start Point”). They will then have until 8 a.m. on Monday 13th February to travel as far away from the Start Point as they can.

2) The Contestants, together with a More Radio Chaperone, must travel using recognised public transportation only. The Contestants must not use any of their own or any third party’s money (save as provided for under clause 3 below) to purchase anything for the duration of this Competition nor shall they be allowed to hitchhike any rides for free except where this involves public transportation.

3) The Contestants will be given £50 only (which will be held by the chaperone) plus the amount of money they earned in the Busking Challenge. The More Radio Chaperone will be with the contestants at all times, and will have a mobile phone and emergency contact numbers. The phone must only be used by the chaperone to call or receive calls from More Radio or anyone listed on the Emergency Contact Sheet.

4) Contestants may bring a small bag, (no bigger than would fit as hand luggage on an airline) containing their passport, prescribed medication, a bottle of water, food, map, toiletries (but no liquids), change of clothes and a waterproof jacket. Contestants also agree to be checked for any items other than those specified above before the Competition commences. THEY MAY NOT BRING PRE-BOOKED TICKETS AND MAY NOT ARRANGE TRANSPORT IN ADVANCE.

5) In the case of an emergency situation affecting an immediate family member of any Contestant, that Contestant may be contacted via the chaperone’s phone. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the judges, at their sole discretion may decide to end the Competition. Where such a decision is taken, the Contestant furthest away from the Start Point at that time will be declared the winner. An immediate family member is parent, sibling, son/daughter, grandparent, grandchild or step-parent, step-son/daughter.

6) During the promotion and in line with medical advice, More Radio reserves the right to disqualify a contestant if in it’s reasonable opinion the Contestant seems unfit, unwell or unable to continue with the Competition or where the continued participation of the Contestant poses an appreciable risk of injury or harm to themselves

7) The judges may at any time during the Competition (and in their absolute discretion) postpone or cancel the Competition before a winner has been chosen, where the postponement or cancellation is reasonably necessary due to causes outside the judges reasonable control.

8) More Radio reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant for any breach of the rules governing the Competition.

9) All decisions made by the judges appointed by More Radio will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10) The winner (“the Winner”) will be the Contestants furthest away from the Start Point at the end of the Competition AND declared as such by More Radio.

11) If at the end of the Competition, both Contestants are the same equi-distance from the Start Point, the Winner will be the Contestant who has the most amount of money left from the original allocation given to them at the start of the Competition referred to above.

12) Contestants will be automatically disqualified for any breach of the rules contained herein, any unlawful acts committed during the Competition or any interference with a competing Contestant.

13) Contestants agree to being interviewed, photographed and filmed by More Radio at any time during the Competition and at various times by other media organised solely by More Radio. Contestants agree for this video footage, photographs and interviews to be featured on social media, website etc.

14) Contestants must ensure that they are available from 7am on Monday, 30th January 2017 until 9am Tuesday 14th February 2017. If they are un-available during this time, they will be disqualified automatically.

15) Must be over the age of 18

16) Legally able to marry at time of entry

17) Must have valid British passport

18) The wedding has to take place on November 11th 2017 or May 12th 2018. The Winner also agrees that the wedding may be covered by More Radio & local press. The winner will be available for More Radio & Press interviews.

19) There is no cash alternative to this prize. All above is subject to availability.

20) The Competition will end upon expiry of the 24 hour time limit from when the Contestants set off from the Start Point or alternatively when the judges announce the Winner.

21) More Radio is in no way liable for any travel expenses or accommodation costs incurred by the Contestant during or after the Competition. More Radio will take out adequate insurance to cover Contestants over the period of the Competition. Any outbound and return travel arrangements made by Contestants must also include the More Radio Chaperone(s) the return date must be within 48 hours of the Competition ending.

22) This Competition is a 48-hour endurance test and by signing this agreement, the Contestant acknowledges confirms and warrants that:

a) To the best of their knowledge, their general state of health is good and have no medical condition that could be adversely affected by strenuous exercise or any of the events or activities planned or reasonably expected to be involved in the Competition. The Contestant acknowledges that the Competition is a 48-hour endurance test.

b) They are not suffering any medical condition such as back, heart or mobility problems and are not taking any medication including without limitation in respect of the foregoing medical conditions.

c) They are not taking any medication which would affect her physical or mental abilities/faculties at present or during the Competition;

d) They are under the age of 70; and

e) They are More Radio’s standard competition terms and conditions appearing on and confirms that they agree to the terms set out therein.

23) The Contestants must notify More Radio of any medical or other condition which may mean that they are unfit to participate in the promotion as soon as they become aware of this. More Radio reserves the right to forfeit the Contestant’s place in the Competition (without liability or compensation) if, in its opinion, the contestant may expose themselves or others to risk of illness or injury or to the cancellation, disruption, or curtailment of the Competition.

24) More Radio (and its parent company Media Sound Holdings) accepts no liability for any loss, or any damage occasioned to the personal property of any Contestant as a result of her participation in the Competition.

25) Save for death, personal or physical injury to the Contestant caused as a result of negligence on the part of More Radio, no liability shall be accepted by More Radio for any other claims, liabilities or losses suffered by the Contestants as a result of their participation in the Competition.

26) The agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute hereunder.

Wedding Information

A wedding at the All Saints Chapel, Eastbourne, for up to 80 guests for a 3 course wedding breakfast. All additional guests are subject to a charge and this must be arranged between the winners and the venue. The dates on offer are: November 11th 2017 or May 12th 2018

To include: a welcome drink for all 80 guests of a glass of prosecco or a cocktail, plus 3 bottle of house wine per table (total 21 bottles). Not included: cost of any additional guests after the 80, room decorations, disco or registrar.

Wedding Dress: Agreed dress to be ordered by the end of July 2017 – to the value of £800
Website address
Contact details and phone number  01424 422219

Special Terms and Conditions – Package is as set above, no changes can be made however upgrades are available at additional charges. All evening guests must be catered for.


Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. No cash alternative.