A 10-year-old girl is reportedly too frightened to go playing in the park, and is scared of her own dog after being bitten by one in Littlehampton, while the owner stood by and allegedly laughed.

The girl was with her aunt, and playing football with her cousins in the field at South Terrace on April 7 when the incident happened.

The football rolled near to a bench where there were two men and a woman with three dogs, none of which were on leads.

As the girl went to get the ball, one of the dogs ran at her and chased her as she tried to run back to her relatives.

The dog then bit her on her left buttock causing puncture wounds.

PC Darren Porter said:

“The girl, whose wounds fortunately did not require stitches, was very upset.

“She is now scared to go to any park for fear of seeing a dog and is even frightened by her own family’s dog, which may have to be re-homed.

“We are investigating this as an offence of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place.”

The dog has been described as a slightly fluffy greyhound type, possibly a cross-breed.

The owner of the dog did nothing to help and the trio are said to have laughed, making no attempt to speak or apologise to the girl or her relatives.

Anyone who knows who the owner is or saw what happened is asked to email [email protected], or phone 101, quoting serial number 605 of 07/04.