A new audible warning system has been introduced to improve safety at three level crossings in Sussex.

Crossings in Pulborough, Rustington and Rye have been fitted with devices which reproduce the sound of a train horn to alert pedestrians of approaching trains.

The solar-powered units are triggered automatically when a train passes.

They provide a back-up warning for those who may not hear the train’s real horn before crossing.

The devices have been installed at thirteen sites across the South East in the past year by Network Rail.

All three are footpath level crossings where users are required to stop, look and listen for trains before continuing.

John Halsall, South East route managing director at Network Rail, said:

“Level crossings remain the biggest source of risk on the rail network.

“We want everyone who lives or works near the railway to be safe, which is why we’re investing in a variety of projects to improve level crossing safety as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan.

“This involves major investments such as new footbridges, as well as a range of smaller yet effective improvements such as new technology which also help us reduce risk and save lives.”

Network Rail said they are planning to introduce more of the devices at crossings across the South East in future.