A Hastings landlord has been prosecuted by the Borough Council.

Hastings Council prosecuted Mr Tom Wallace of Boscobel Road, in St Leonards.

A total of 18 offences were brought before Hastings Magistrates Court on 12 May.

Included were issues such as poor means of escape in the event of a fire.

There was also lack of safety checks on the electrical installation and poor repair.

The home was described as damp, with loose and worn carpets and with missing handrails to stairs.

49-carisbrooke-road-stairs Hastings

Council officers had undertaken an inspection of the house in multiple occupation at 49 Carisbrooke Road.

Mr Tom Wallace did not attend the court and was found guilty in absence of all offences.

He was fined £1,500 for each offence, with £960 legal costs and £150 victim surcharge.

In total the full amount came to £28,110.

Andrew Palmer, the council’s assistant director for housing and built environment said,

“There are many very good and responsible landlords in the town.

“However, the council has a duty to protect tenants where they might be exploited by less scrupulous property owners.”

This investigation was part of the council’s Coastal Space enforcement project.