A pay-as-you-can cafe in Eastbourne is taking the food supermarkets won’t sell and turning it into nutritious meals for those who need them.

Cafe Waste-Not, based out of the YMCA on Seaside, works with the charity Fareshare and Tesco to serve meals since September last year.

The community project mostly prepares meals for vulnerable or disenfranchised people from residential projects in the area, who often struggle to eat healthily.

It also serves guests, who can choose to donate as much as they want to charity for their meals.

They are now looking for more volunteers to join their core team of five.

Sunny Soleil, one of the managers of the cafe, told More Radio that one of their aims is to get boys at the YMCA to think more about their nutrition.

She said:

“Some of the boys that we serve there don’t get to eat proper food – some of them haven’t come from a family home where they’ve grown up with mum cooking, they’ve grown up on fast food.

“We’re taking things like comfort food, like macaroni cheese and we’re shoving it full of vegetable and natural flavourings so that it’s really tasty and we get a lot of veggies into them.

“There’s always a need for healthy, tasty food at very low cost or free, and if we can do that and help people that’s great.”

The project receives food from Fareshare, which is donated by Tesco, every Tuesday night.

Their cooks use the food, most of which is it close to sell-by or best before dates, to create meals which are served the following day.

They can also be frozen to be picked up by the cafe’s customers and reheated.

The cafe mostly described its food as ‘homey, comforting food’ but said it tries to incorporate as much as fruit and vegetable content in its dishes as possible.

Sunny said:

“We absolutely need volunteers who are willing to help chop and prepare food, clean up and do all sorts of things like bagging up food and serving it out.”

They are also looking for a grant of £2,000 to buy tables and improved kitchen equipment from community funding group Big Local.

Those interested in volunteering for the Cafe Waste-Not can get more information at their website.