A trio of West Sussex beaches have been chosen to receive multi-million pound investments to improve their water quality.

Worthing, Middleton-on-Sea and Selsey all in West Sussex were among the ‘magnificent seven’ selected by Southern Water.

Those beaches will receive a share of £31.5 million, as part of a Bathing Water Enhancement Programme.

The investment comes at the start of bathing season, which officially began this year on Monday (May, 15).

Paul Kent has overseen the programme for Southern Water.

He said:

“We’re immensely proud of this groundbreaking project.

“Our customers asked us to help boost more bathing waters in the region up to Excellent standard and, with the support of local authorities and others, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“We’re thrilled to be playing such an active part in protecting and enhancing our region’s bathing waters.”

Marine experts conducted a year of detailed investigations to select the seven beaches.

They used DNA tracing and CCTV surveys to determine what causes pollution at the West Sussex sites.

The experts also looked into how the pollution could be dealt with.

An Action Plan has been published to report on what could improve water quality.

The plan details action for 21 beaches across the South East, including those beaches recieving funding.

Southern Water said it has invested millions to reduce the impact of its wastewater work.

It also mentioned water quality can be affected by natural causes.

Contaminated rainwater, pollution from dogs and seabirds, can all negatively affect the water.

The scheme aims to have all seven of the beaches selected at Excellent quality bathing water by the year 2019.