A Hailsham mum has secured the funding to buy a specialist tricycle for her disabled son, which she says would allow him to play outside.

Robyn Ferreira who lives near the cuckoo trail in Hailsham has launched an online campaign.

The goal was to raise £2,480 to purchase a a specialist tricycle for her six year-old Gabriel.

So far she has raised £1,000, and the Starz Foundation for Cerebral Palsy charity have said they will pay the rest of the cost.

Robyn said any more money raised through her fundraiser will go towards other children in the area.

Gabriel has cerebral palsy, he has poor balance and his leg muscles get sore easily.

Mum Robyn says his limited independence often frustrates him.

She hopes the trike will help give Gabriel more independence:

“At the moment his younger brother is learning how to ride a bicycle.

“He can see his brother scooting along, and carrying on, when he’s just being pushed along.

“Which is really upsetting for him.” 

Gabriel’s condition also makes it difficult for him to interact with other children at Grove Park School in Crowborough.

Robyn added,

“He gets sad and lonely watching them enjoying themselves.”

Her son, also has no sense of danger and has to be supervised at all times.

Caudwell Children is a national charity providing practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families.

They’ve advised Robyn a specialist tricycle would have a huge impact on Gabriel’s wellbeing.

Mum Robyn said:

“There are so many things that my son can’t do, because of his condition, but the tricycle that’s been recommended would allow him to be able to do something for himself.

“It would also give my son some independence.

“It’s heart-breaking to see him missing out on so much so I’m desperate to get Gabriel the tricycle.”

The charity has created a Just Giving page for Gabriel and are approaching charitable trusts, grant giving organisations, rotary clubs and masons lodges in order to raise the cash.

However, mum Robyn is also appealing to the public and business community for a helping hand.

Robyn said,

“With their support we can make life so much better for Gabriel.”

The trikes are specially designed to assist disabled children in their physical development and rehabilitation.

The hope is that whilst Gabriel will be able to have fun, he will also be improving his core strength and co-ordination, developing muscle tone in his legs and improving his gross motor skills.

You can find our more about Gabriel’s story by clicking here .

You can also donate by texting: PEAL51 £amount 70070.