An online campaign to help save the life of a Worthing puppy has raised over £1,700.

Marnie Williams began a crowdfunding page to support her pet Alfie, after the German Shepherd was found to have a rare birth defect.

The condition, bilateral ectopic ureters, leaves Alfie at risk of potentially life-threatening urinary infections.

She is looking to raise £2,500 to pay for an operation to solve the issue and allow the four-month-old to live a normal life.

The problem was first discovered when Alfie was just three weeks old.

Marnie said:

“When I came back to check on him one day he had collapsed.

When I took him to the vets he had a raging infection, which resulted in us finding out that he had a one in 10,000 birth defect.”

Alfie was diagnosed at with the issue at a specialist clinic in Winchester.

The condition means the tubes from his kidneys to his bladder attach at the top rather than the bottom, which causes Alfie frequent infections and kidney stones.

Marnie has already spent more than £2,500 to help make Alfie infection-free, including on specialist food to keep his PH levels down.

An operation to fix the problem would cost around £4,500 – which could not be fully covered by insurance.

Marnie has therefore turned to the Worthing community to help her raise money through an online fundraising page.

A quiz night in support of the campaign will also be held at the Egremont pub in Brighton Road on August 17th, featuring a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses.

Marnie has thanked those who have contributed to the fund, with some individual anonymous donations reaching up to £200.

She said:

“I’ve lived here, I was born here, I’ve brought my child here and I’ve never had to ask the community for anything before, but the people of Worthing – you’ve literally brought me to tears.”

Any extra money raised will be given over to help other pets in need of treatment outside of their owners’ insurance.

To donate, visit the ComeOnAlfie JustGiving page.