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Hastings Borough Council are asking visitors to Alexandra Park not to take cuttings of plants.

It follows a growing number of incidents where cuttings and larger quantities of plant materials in the park have disappeared.

The council said if it continues, they will be taking action against those ‘damaging’ the park.

Councillor Colin Fitzgerald, lead member for the environment said:

“Whilst we can understand people wanting to take cuttings from the plants, we would ask them not to spoil the park for others.

“The taking of cuttings started on a small scale, but appears to be spreading.

“Indeed, large quantities of material are being hacked from our plants and shrubs in some areas, really spoiling the appearance of the park.

“We would like to try and nip this in the bud now – so are asking visitors to Alexandra Park to please leave our lovely plants alone.

“We are asking our park rangers to pay particular attention to the areas where this theft is taking place and, if it continues, we will take action against those damaging our park.”