The Bothwell School of Witchcraft is returning to Herstmonceux Castle next year, for two more live action role play events.

Organisers have announced new dates in 2018 following its debut event in August, which organisers have described as a success.

This year the site was transformed into East Sussex’s own enchanted castle, to deliver a magic, witchcraft and wizardry experience.

Bothwell School of Witchcraft Inaugural Trailer from Bothwell School of Witchcraft on Vimeo.

Organisers have announced two more four-day events, which will take place between April 26-29 and August 10-13.

The experience this year saw 147 people from all over the world stay in the 15th century castle.

People travelled from the US, Canada, Europe, and some from as far as Japan and South Korea, according to organisers.

They were given a character and some basic elements of their costume, and were sorted into one of the ‘school houses’ before taking part in magic lessons.

The event included competitions between the houses, and the chance to enjoy the school’s lavish banquet.

Tickets for next year’s events are set to go on sale on Friday, October 27 at 1pm.