Jose Mourinho claims other managers "cry" about injuries, while he keeps quiet. But just how bad does the Manchester United manager have it?

Speaking after United’s 1-0 win over Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday, in reply to criticism surrounding his side’s defensive approach, Mourinho said: I never speak about injuries. Other managers, they cry, they cry, they cry when some player is injured. I don’t cry.

Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte has already hit back, saying: A lot of time Mourinho has to see what happens at Chelsea. But would Mourinho be justified if he was to bleat on about injury problems?

With the help of, we run through the Premier League injury table…

If I want to moan and cry like the others, I can cry for the next five minutes, Mourinho said. Mind games again, or does he have a point?

Perhaps a bit of both, and his timing isn’t bad at all. His side are currently top of the Premier League injury table, registering seven absent players to Huddersfield and Watford’s six.

United have Marcos Rojo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic out with long-term ACL problems, while Paul Pogba has been missing of late with a hamstring injury.

Pogba could be back by the end of this month, Rojo by the start of November and Ibrahimovic by the end of December.

Elsewhere, Eric Bailly (knock), Michael Carrick (calf) and Marouane Fellaini (knee) have been missing in recent weeks, while Marcus Rashford sustained a knee injury on Wednesday night, with the severity unknown.

United’s title rivals Tottenham have five injuries, while Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have four. Premier League leaders Manchester City have just two: Benjamin Mendy (ACL – long term) and Vincent Kompany (calf).

West Ham and Southampton have just one injury each.

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