Jose Mourinho has succeeded in getting under Antonio Conte’s skin, says former Manchester United player Paul Scholes.

Chelsea head coach Conte told Mourinho to stop talking about Chelsea after the United boss suggested other managers were crying about their injury situations.

But Scholes believes Conte has taken the bait from Mourinho ahead of United’s clash with Chelsea next month, live on Sky Sports Football.

Asked if Mourinho had got under Conte’s skin, Scholes told Sky Sports News: It looks like he has done a little bit.

Conte was probably badly advised, someone told him they were talking about him but Mourinho didn’t mention anyone’s name. He just said ‘other managers’. Conte’s had a little bite back.

November 5 [when Chelsea play Manchester United] could be interesting.

Ryan Giggs also weighed in on the spat between Conte and Mourinho, indicating every manager should be prepared to deal with injuries.

Teams are going to have injuries throughout the season, he said. That is never going to change.

So it is about how you have recruited in the summer. Have you got a squad? Have you got young players you can put in? And it is about having that little bit of luck also.

Asked about Mourinho’s mind games, Giggs added: All top managers do everything they can to give their team an edge. That is natural. Jose is brilliant at that. He has done that over the years both on and off the pitch.

He is an experienced manager who knows how to plot through a season and come out winners at the end of it.

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