Those who persistently feed seagulls in the Lewes district could be fined in future.

Lewes District Council is considering introducing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) to clamp down on problems caused by aggressive birds in the area.

Councillor Liz Boorman, who represents Seaford West, raised the issue during a Cabinet meeting this week.

She said she was concerned about the level of attacks by seagulls looking for food in her ward.

Cllr Boorman said:

“There are local reports of gulls attacking people in their gardens and postal staff being divebombed as they innocently walk down garden paths to deliver the mail.

“I don’t blame the seagulls, I blame people who feed these birds.

“The gulls aren’t stupid, they will nest where food is easiest and some residents are putting it on a plate for them.”

The move has been welcomed by the leader of Lewes District Council, Councillor Andy Smith.

He indicated he would ‘fully support’ considering the use of PSPOs if the council received a mounting number of complaints about seagull attacks.

He added:

“Seagulls should live in coastal locations but human behaviour has drawn them further and further inland.

“There is not one solution to the problem but if people stop habitually feeding them, it will certainly help.”