Neal Marsh from Littlehampton is one of a five-strong crew rowing the Atlantic this December

A man from Littlehampton is getting ready for a journey of 3,500 miles rowing across the Atlantic.

Neal Marsh is one of a five-strong crew looking to break a world record, by completing the journey in less than 48 days.

The team are setting off on their journey from Portugal to French Guiana in South America this week.

On their way, the team will share a boat 29 feet long and six feet wide, and will row a total of 12 hours a day in two-hour shifts.

The crew will rely on pre-packed food and would need to eat the equivalent of 5,000-6,000 calories per day while at sea, according to Neal.

He said:

“I’ve been doing my daily rowing routine on the the machine for the last machine, and just getting myself ready for it physically.

“But nothing really prepares you for the sudden shock that you get when you’re rowing 12 hours out of 24 every day.

“It takes about a week or so for your body to kick in and realise that’s going to be normal for the next few months.”

Neal had previously attempted the same journey in 2013.

However, he and his crew were forced to abandon the effort midway through.

He said:

“We hit the worst weather on record and we had a minor fault with the boat which unfortunately happened at the wrong time.

“The reason for doing it this time is that it’s unfinished business for me –  it’s something I was desperate to do before and we put so much work into it that I couldn’t leave it alone.”

The crew are raising money for the Royal British Legion, and Rubicon, a charity which supports military veterans in providing disaster relief.

More details about the team and the world record attempt can be found at the Rowing for Rubicon website.