Guy Watts was selected in 2012 to run with the Olympic torch.

The owner of a London 2012 Olympic torch which was stolen from his home in Nuthurst has said he had hoped to pass it on to his eight-month-old daughter to help inspire her.

Guy Watts was chosen to run a leg of the 2012 torch relay in Sutton after he raised more than £15,000 for a male cancer charity with an unassisted row across the Indian Ocean in 2009.

He has also set up the charity Streetscape to help people in long-term unemployment gain the skills and experience to work.

Last Tuesday (January, 23) Mr Watts discovered a burglar had broken into his home in Nuthurst Street and stolen a number of items including his torch.

He said:

“I probably have about three or four items that mean a lot to me and that is one of them.

“There is no monetary or physical value in it for anyone else, but, for me, it is something I cannot replace.

“For the first 24 hours after the break-in, I found it hard to talk about it before I decided to try and get it back.

“I just hope that someone will see this and do the right thing and return it.”

A PlayStation console, Nintendo console, and a bottle of whisky were also stolen in the burglary.

Police said the it happened sometime overnight between midnight on January 21 and midnight on January 23.

Inspector Sarah Leadbetter said:

“The Olympic torch is obviously very distinctive and if anyone sees it for sale or has been offered it please let us know.”

Anyone with information is asked to report it online here, or call 101 quoting reference number 875 of 24/01.