Trevor Hunt has been jailed for 16 years.

A man from Littlehampton who assaulted a friend and left him with a life-changing brain injury has been jailed for 16 years.

Trevor Hunt, 35, unemployed, of Wick Street, attacked the 47-year-old local victim in May last year, who was later found in Courtwick Road.

Police said Hunt then humiliated the victim by advertising his injuries via photographs and videos posted on Facebook.

The victim was taken to hospital with his nose and nearly all of his ribs broken, along with extensive bruising and swelling to his face, making him virtually unrecognisable.

Hunt was found guilty by a unanimous jury in November, and was sentenced on Friday (February, 2).

In sentencing Hunt, Judge Roger Hetherington said:

“This was a serious attack sustained on a friend who was in no position to defend himself.

“You beat him to a pulp, raining blows to his body and head over a period of several hours.

“The injuries you caused were a broken nose, fracture to the lower eye socket, all ribs broken on both sides except the first, blood in the chest cavity, bruising to both kidneys and a traumatic brain injury, which when shown on a scan portrayed the trauma you would expect from a road traffic collision.”

Following the incident, officers initially obtained a warrant to enter Hunt’s address, and found bloodstains on the walls, ceiling, furniture, flooring, underlay, clothing and shoes.

His Facebook profile was then searched and investigators discovered a picture of the victim’s face and a video filmed just hours after the assault, that showed Hunt with a blood-drenched duster.

As well as his prison sentence, Hunt will also serve another five years on extended licence following his release.

Detective Constable Claire Mitchell said:

“Hunt sustained a lengthy attack on the victim showing a complete disregard for him, and instead of calling for an ambulance while he lay injured in his flat, he documented an attempted defence story on Facebook.

“Hunt lied consistently throughout the trial in a bid to cover his tracks and showed little remorse to someone who was well-known to him.

“He is a dangerous and callous man and this sentence has allowed justice to be served.”