A man from West Chiltington says a work programme in Worthing has changed his fortunes.

  Colin Gumbrell, a 47 year old father of one, ended up with a drink problem after years of managing a pub. After years of trying to hide it he walked out of his job as a brick layer when everything got too much. But, he’s now been sober for two and a half years and has turned his life around including embarking on a totally different career path. Colin is currently caring for adults with disabilities in a private home, as well as helping other addicts through voluntary work. He says the turnaround is largely due to the care and support he received at the Work Programme, delivered in Worthing by public service provider A4e on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. Colin says he never thought he’d be cut out for this new line of work but his A4e advisor Nikki Nighy talked him into going to the interview, Colin said:

 “I would never have thought of doing this kind of work but my A4e advisor, Nikki Nighy, who has been absolutely brilliant, talked me into going for the interview.   “She saw qualities in me that I didn’t know I had. She believed in me and I am so glad I trusted her. I loved the job from the first moment and it is fantastic to be working. My partner and 15-year-old daughter have stuck with me through the hard times and now I can afford to thank them by giving them a great Christmas. “I feel like I am on top of life instead of life getting on top of me.”   “They put me on a CV writing course and Nikki helped me grow in confidence so I felt ready to work. Before, I had always been nervous about being honest about my problems.   “She found the job and told them about me and the boss was willing to give me a chance because of what Nikki said about me.”

  The Work Programme, is currently in its third year of operation and helps people who are unemployed effectively look for jobs