Emergency crews in Sussex are warning against ‘tombstoning’ after a man from Worthing broke his leg jumping from the pier.

  The fad is popular with teenagers and young adults and involves jumping or diving from a height into water. It’s after an 18 year old man suffered a broken leg after reportedly jumping from Worthing’s Pier, it’s thought he meant to dive into the sea but instead hit the beach. He was taken to Worthing hospital for treatment after the incident that happened at around 5.45pm on Monday (15th April). Mark Sawyer from the RNLI said the craze has been a big problem over the past few years:

“People have been jumping off beach groins, off Piers, off Harbour Walls. The problem is you don’t know what’s under the water, the depths of it, if there’s rocks or other parts of beach protection.   One moment of fun can turn into an awful long time of heartache. So DON’T go ‘tombstoning’ – if you want to jump off something go to the local swimming pool and do it off the diving boards where it’s safe.”

  Below is a interview with Sonny Wells whose whole life was turned upside down after he jumped off a Pier in 2008.