Half of women in Adur who work part-time are paid less than a living wage, according to the TUC. The Union says that’s one of the highest in the South East with 50% chronically low paid, earning less than £7.65 an hour. It’s calling on employers in the public and private sectors to fix the problem. TUC Regional Secretary for the South East of England Megan Dobney said:

“This research blows a massive hole in the myth that all workers in the South East are well-off. In-work poverty is growing across the South East of England and it’s often women that are bearing the brunt of low pay.   “The Living Wage was created so that work can provide workers with a decent standard of living. But in places like Kent and East and West Sussex, and even in more affluent areas like Wokingham in Surrey, and Reading in Berkshire, low paid work for women is a route into poverty rather than a route out of poverty.   “Women would gain most from a greater take-up and implementation of the Living Wage by employers. Councils can lead the way by becoming Living Wage employers themselves. But they also need to work with local employers and unions to use the Living Wage to tackle in-work poverty throughout their area.”  

Local authority areaCountyPercentage of people paid less than the Living Wage
1RotherEast Sussex53.8
2AdurWest Sussex50.5
4LewesEast Sussex48.0
5EastbourneEast Sussex47.9
8HorshamWest Sussex44.5
9WealdenEast Sussex44.2