One person has suffered minor smoke inhalation following a fire in Worthing flat, this morning.

  It started on Lyndhurst Road at around 8.46am after an item was left too close to a cooker hob. The flats occupier was out at the time but neighbours above raised the alarm after hearing a a smoke detector, the smoke then began to affect their flat – they were taking to hospital with minor smoke inhalation as a precaution. Two fore crews were on the scene within six minutes of the 999 call, although they were able to extinguish the fire quickly the flat was left badly damaged Incident Commander at the scene, Lee Spencer-Smith, said afterwards:

“We can all have forgetful moments and we know that the controls for hobs can sometimes be knocked by children or pets so it’s really important to ensure that hob tops are kept clear. Ideally, the power to the cooker should be switched off at the mains after use.   This incident also highlights how important it is to have a working smoke alarm in your property. Even if your home is unoccupied, the sound of a smoke detector activating can alert neighbours or passers-by to a developing fire.   Fires in the kitchen account for around two thirds of all house fires we attend. We’d encourage people, where possible, to get into the habit of shutting their kitchen doors. If a fire does break out it can significantly slow its spread and limit the damage to the rest of the property.”