Members of the RNLI are warning youngsters in East Sussex to stay safe when posing for selfies.

They’ve issued the advice after seeing people post pictures on social media by cliff edges in Cuckmere. There were four seen posing with a selfie stick on the edge of a 200ft cliff at Cuckmere Haven over the weekend. Mark Sawyer, full-time Coxswain at Eastbourne RNLI Lifeboat Station  has been warning us about the dangers. He said:

“People don’t realise that they’re actually standing on the overhang, there’s nothing supporting them underneath and the issue is with where they’re standing it really could collapse at any time. Once it goes there’s no warning and the danger is they’re going to fall down. The worst case scenario is they’re not going to survive.” “The problem is most of these people are unfamiliar with the area – they’re holidaymakers, students and people that are coming down and just go there and want to go and get a picture, which is fine but they just don’t realise the consequences.”