Officials in West Sussex are considering a new approach to tackling road safety.

West Sussex County Council is considering a new way of approaching road safety – and wants to know what the public think.  A survey has been launched asking people to comment on a proposed Road Safety Framework. The framework is based on ‘Vision Zero’, a safer system with an aspiration that in future no-one is killed on our roads. Working towards this vision, the County Council aims to cut the number of people killed or seriously injured on West Sussex roads in 2020 by 25%. The County Council will continue to focus on reducing casualties by targeting groups or locations as defined by road crash statistics. But under ‘Vision Zero’ greater emphasis will be placed on examining the chain of events that increase the risks of crashes happening, and reducing the severity of any injuries when they happen. The County Council would work with businesses, look at the causes of crashes and help them reduce risks to their employees. This would help save lives and save businesses, Sussex Police, the NHS and the County Council money. Other factors which can help prevent road deaths in future include:

  • Safer cars
  • Safer road environments (including technological advances)
  • Education, training and publicity at key moments in people’s lives
  • Enforcement
  • Greater use of available data
  • Combining resources and funds between organisations to greater effect

The framework would require closer working with local partnerships, the business community and NHS among others. West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, John O’Brien, said:

“Road deaths and injuries impose a terrible human cost. “That is why we want to take a new approach to how road safety is tackled in the county. “We would like to know if the public share our view, so please take a look at the online survey and let us know your thoughts.”

You can find the survey here: