Hastings first ever Pride event will take place in August, organisers have confirmed.

A full scale Pride parade is being planned for Hastings town, alongside live music, street performers, food vendors and various other entertainment.

It’s being held through the town on Sunday 27th of August, and those behind it hope to reach out to the local LGBT community.

One of the organisers, Natasha Scott said:

“What we’re looking at doing is redefining what it’s about, particularly with what’s happened with Brexit and what we’re seeing is happening in America with Trump.

“I want us to celebrate diversity and empower people to know that it’s ok to be diverse and it’s not something that they should be vilified for or feel that they can’t be part of the wider community because of their differences.”


Credit: Chris Jepson
Brighton Pride events have been taking place for years, but this will be Hastings’ first.