Charity Epilepsy Sussex says not all seizures involve convulsing.

People in Sussex are being asked to think about what they consider seizures to look like.

Epilepsy Sussex says not all fits involve people suffering spasms or falling to the ground.

The charity explains witnesses to epileptic fits don’t always respond correctly.

They say there is a misunderstanding because of some symptoms.

In some cases, someone affected can look as though they are drunk or even on drugs.

Epilepsy Sussex are trying to raise awareness about the different indications of epileptic fits.

The charity has launched a poster campaign in Sussex bus stations.


The poster shows a man, who looks disorientated, with a open mouth and heavy eye lids.

Michelle Shrieves from the charity Epilepsy Sussex says these are seizure symptoms:

“They tend to wander around, they don’t know what they’re doing.

“Their speech is affected, their ability to understand what people are saying to them is affected.

Basically they often look like they are drunk or they have taken drugs.”

The photo of the man in the poster was shown to 100 people.

66 people said the man in the photo was drunk.

31 people said the man was no drugs, 3 had no idea.

Charity Epilepsy Sussex say the man in the photo is suffering from a seizure.

The poster states by being aware, and acting by calling 999, it is possible to save a life.

Michelle Shrieves has a 17 year old daughter, when she was 15 she had a fit in public.

Michelle recalled what happened to her:

“People have stepped over her, because they thought she’s drunk.

When she’s collapsed with a focal seizure she can’t get her words out her vision has gone all funny, she’s twitching.

People will just step over or people will walk away.” 

Epilepsy Research UK says the condition is common and affects approximately one in 103 people.

The national charity explains there are two main types of seizure – generalised and focal.

Generalised seizures involve large areas on both sides of the brain, whilst focal seizures affect a specific region.