Eastbourne campaign group aims to save lives through toilet twinning

An Eastbourne campaign group is encouraging residents to donate £60 and help build a toilet in a developing country.

Toilet Twinning Eastbourne is looking for 1000 people to link their loo with one being built in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, Liberia and Nepal.

The money raised goes towards projects to bring clean water, hygiene education and basic sanitation to the world’s poorest areas.

The group said those would help reduce poverty, save lives and prevent the spread of diseases in those communities.

Stephen Brown from the group said:

“Poor sanitation is one of the world’s biggest killers, it hits women, children, old and sick people the hardest.

“UNICEF say that every day about 900 children under the age of five die of illnesses linked to unclean water and sanitation.”

The group claimed around 2.4 billion people – around a third of the global population – do not have somewhere safe to go to the toilet.

In addition, they are looking to help the 1 billion who they say have no access to any sanitation whatsoever.

Those who donate get a certificate along with the the GPS co-ordinates of their new loo.

Toilet Twinning Eastbourne said it is also interested in working with local businesses such as supermarkets, pubs and hotels.

The campaign has been supported by Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell, who twinned the toilet in her Grove Road office earlier this year.

The group will have an information stand at the Langney Shopping Centre between 10am and 1pm on April 29th.

They are also looking to raise enough cash to twin the toilets in the centre on that day.

More information about the initiative is available at the Toilet Twinning Eastbourne website.