East Grinstead book lovers have donated to patients at the Queen Victoria Hospital.

Local business The Bookshop has thanked customers for supplying books to the East Grinstead medical centre.

Those visiting the store were asked to consider buying a book for somebody who would not be able to make the journey to the shop themselves.

Staff at the store then dressed the books up as mystery parcels, writing clues on the front to help give clues to the titles of the books.

These were then donated to the hospital to hand out to patients on the wards.

Manager of The Bookshop, Sarah Gillett, said:

“Whilst I was a student I worked at the Queen Victoria Hospital and my mum still works there.

“I’ve lived in East Grinstead my whole life and I really wanted to give something back to the community.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to our thoughtful customers, some of whom ordered books in especially as they knew if they were in hospital those were the type of books they’d like to read.”

Jo Thomas, director of nursing at the hospital, praised the store and its customers for their generosity.

She said:

“The community of East Grinstead are so supportive of our hospital and I know our patients will love these enticing packages and the crisp, new books inside.

“On behalf of the hospital and our patients I’d like to thank everyone involved in this thoughtful scheme.”