A Haywards Heath man has spoken of his travels since returning from a round the world trip – travelling in a car worth just £75.

Max White, 24, was one of a group completing a lap of the globe in 350 days in just two vehicles, including a 19-year-old Skoda Estate purchased from advertising website Gumtree.

The Skoda Estate.

Their journey took them through 46 countries, and they also managed to raise more than £1,500 for Cancer Research.

Max said:

“We had hundreds of breakdowns but they were all because we did something stupid.

“We were trying to really push the limits and we literally drove through avalanche zones, deserts, jungles.

“I’m not trying to exaggerate, we really went to all four corners of the globe.

“Everytime we went somewhere that everyone told us to be careful because it’s dangerous, the people were just so lovely.

“Like, in America, everyone told us to watch out for Mexico, and then in Mexico everyone said watch out for Guatemala, and it kind of was this funny chain that went all the way down.”

Max also mentioned that along the way, the group picked up more than 100 hitchikers.

More than 100 hitchikers were picked up along the way.

The trip was carried out on a shoestring budget, and Max said at times they carried out labour work to get accommodation and food.

He added:

“There were some really tough times.

“Money worries, danger, things we didn’t know how to deal with, and we were just doing it on the fly, but as a whole, everyone was very easy going.

“There was a great sense of camaraderie and everyone wanted to keep together and try and make it for the sake of everyone else.”

The adventurer returned from the trip last month, and now has plans to head off again – but in a double-decker bus.

The group will also be carrying out a number of shows with the highlights of the trip.

Anyone interested in Max’s story can visit the group’s travel website here.