A Burgess Hill man’s been fined after being convicted of displaying anti-semitic language on leaflets and a placard.

Paul Pawlowski, 90, of London Road, was spotted displaying a placard on the Old Steine in Brighton in May this year.

He reportedly stated that if the police took his placard and leaflets he would walk up and down North Street and shout his views, which included other anti-semitic messages.

Pawlowski, who is retired, was fined £150, as well as costs of £100 and a victim surcharge of £85.

Sussex Police Hate Crime Sergeant Peter Allan said:

“I am pleased the court convicted the defendant in this case.

“People have a right to free speech, but hate speech will not be tolerated.

“If hate speech is not challenged appropriately, it can lead to communities feeling a sense of unease and can send a message to perpetrators that such behaviour is acceptable.

“This sentence sends out a clear signal that we will take a robust approach to those who target individuals based on their disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

“I hope this case will encourage other victims of hate to report such behaviour to the police.”

Anyone wishing to report a hate crime is asked to call 101 or in an emergency 999.