A team from Sussex-based charity International Animal Rescue (IAR) are to embark on an estimated 40-mile walk to raise funds for endangered orangutans.

The charity are supporting an Orangutan Rescue Centre in Borneo, and have described the situation there as ‘critical’, because entire forests are being cut down.

On Saturday (August, 12), IAR’s Aidan Sears from Hastings and his friend Liam from Eastbourne plan to walk from Hastings Pier to Brighton Palace Pier, to raise funds for the centre.

The rescue centre is currently caring for over 100 orangutans.

Staff at the rescue centre need to raise $260,000 to purchase 64 acres of forest adjacent to the site.

They plan to protect the habitat and provide more space for the orangutans they care for, before they are returned to the wild.

IAR claims if the forest is not protected, it will be cut down and lost forever.

The charity says orangutans are completely cut off from their food sources, because entire forests there are being cut down, and they could eventually starve and die.

Aidan and Liam are hoping to raise £500 for their trek along the coast, to contribute to the overall fundraising effort in Borneo.

Aidan Sears (left) and Liam Avery are aiming to complete the trip in 14 hours.

Any donations can be made on their JustGiving page.