We put our very own Nick Osborne on the spot with 20 questions to get to know him better…


1: What’s your favourite thing about being a radio presenter? Every day is different. No one show is the same, which makes every day interesting and exciting.

2: What’s the worst part of the job? The 4.30am alarm!

3: What’s your most embarrassing story? A few years ago, the night before More Radio Live, I went out for a few drinks in town. A few became a few too many and I attempted to leapfrog a public bin. Needless to say I failed and practically broke my wrist!

4: Do you have any party tricks? My Karaoke  rendition of “Sweet Caroline” is a joy to behold.

5: If you could play one artist on the radio for a whole day, who would it be? Queen – THE best band of all time.

6: What’s your favourite food? Curry

7: Favourite Drink? Soft drink would be Coke. Hard drink would be a pint of ale (I’m getting old!)

8: Who’s is your favourite celebrity that you’ve met? Mollie King from The Saturdays and Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve interviewed her a few times and she is always an absolute joy to chat to. We’re like showbiz besties – honest.

9:  What skill would you like to master? I’d like to know how to cook to a really high standard. Currently, my speciality is beans on toast with grated cheese. See what I mean!?

10: If you won a million pounds, what would you spend it on? A new house for my family and a massive housewarming party to go with it.

11: Favourite place you’ve visited? Nice in the south of France. It was very…nice.

12: What do you get up to in your free time? Apart from being an exhausted parent, I enjoy watching films and catching up on the latest telly. I also love my football and support the mighty Seagulls.

13: What your favourite film of all time? Scarface. Al Pacino as Tony Montana is as good as it gets.

14: Favourite piece of clothing you own? Jeans. I have lots of pairs. I literally can’t think of anything else to wear on my lower-half!

15: Are you addicted to anything? You mean apart from caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and junk food? No, nothing.

16: What makes you laugh the most? My two sons – Ollie and Freddie. They make me laugh and smile every day.

17: When people come to you for help, what do they usually need help with? Moral advice. No idea why they come to me!?

18: Do you have any pets? Not currently. We had a hamster called Stardust a few years back, however is sadly no longer with us. RIP.

19: If you could have a super power, which one would you choose? Everlasting life. It would be fascinating to find out what it’s like in the year 3000 (thanks Busted!)

20: How would your friends describe you? I’d like to say – loyal, charming, witty and handsome. However they would probably disagree!


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