Organisers of Worthing’s first ever Pride event have said the day is starting to take shape.

The event on July 14 is so far set to include music entertainment at Beach House Grounds, food stalls, a Pride Parade, and dog show.

The organisation behind the event, Worthing Pride CIC, has said they are also raising money for charities including West Sussex Coastal Mind and the Allsorts Youth Project.

Committee member Josie Kelly said:

“We just want everyone to have a really good day.

“Brighton Pride’s amazing and it’s huge and fantastic, but Worthing has a different entity of the LGBT community, and families and older people, so that’s the sort of vibe we wanted to go for.

“We really want to show the LGBT community a positive stance against discrimination.

“There’s not a huge lot of that goes on for the LGBT community in Worthing, and maybe with us doing Pride, more events can be put on in the community.”

The organisation said the cost to put on the event is in the region of £20,000, which they said will need to be provided by business sponsorships and grants.

Anyone wishing to find out more can visit the committee Facebook page here.