A man alleged to have driven a van into worshippers at a mosque in north London smiled and blew a kiss at witnesses, a court has heard.

Those gathered outside the building in Finsbury Park shortly after 12.15am on 19 June last year were splattered all over the place, the jury at Woolwich Crown Court was told.

Witness Ibrahim Benaounda described the impact as like being on a rollercoaster, saying he could feel his bones breaking as he spun in the air.

Prosecutors allege that 48-year-old Darren Osborne, from Cardiff, targeted the worshippers deliberately.

Makram Ali, 51, collapsed after leaving Ramadan prayers and was being helped by a crowd before a van drove into him.

He died and nine others were injured.

A 999 call, played to the court, was made after Mr Ali collapsed. It includes the moment the van ran into the crowd.

The caller is heard saying: Someone’s just come with a big van and run over a lot of people. People are dying, he’s just run over everyone. People are dying man.

Adnan Mohamud said he heard the driver speaking after he had been wrestled to the ground.

Whilst this male was on the floor, I remember him saying, ‘I have done my job, you can kill me now’. He was smiling as he said it, Mr Mohamud said in a statement to the court.

Something I will never forget was that he was constantly smiling. I knew at this point that what he did was not an accident – it was definitely deliberate, Mr Mohamud added.

Mohammed Geedi, 28, told the court: I see the big white van, I can see the headlights… I can hear a rev.

Following the impact, Mr Geedi looked at a lot of people just splattered all over the place.

Susan Can said in a statement that as the van driver was detained and put in the back of a police van, she saw him blow a kiss at the crowd.

This made a very angry crowd angrier still.

After the driver was set upon by a group of about 10 to 15 people who threw punches at him from almost every direction, Imam Mohammed Mahmoud told them to stop.

It was a natural response, Mr Mahmoud told the court. He posed no harm to anybody. He was immobilised.

He wasn’t a threat and therefore he should answer for his crime in a court such as this, which he is doing now, and not in a court in the streets.

Darren Osborne denies the murder of Mr Ali and the attempted murder of persons at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and Whadcoat Street, London.

The trial continues.

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