Two Freemasons’ Lodges are reportedly operating secretly at Westminster and their members include journalists.

New Welcome Lodge, for MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, and Gallery Lodge, which was set up for the political press corps known as the lobby, remain active, according to The Guardian.

David Staples, the chief executive of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), the governing body for Freemasons in England and Wales, said there was no incompatibility between being a journalist or politician and being a Freemason.

Contrary to populist perception, being a Freemason helps those members in roles serving society in the broader sense, including journalists, politicians, policemen and lawyers, to be better in those jobs by encouraging them to act as better people themselves, he told the paper.

Their membership is a positive for both them as individuals, and for society at large.

The newspaper report said a third lodge, known as the Alfred Robbins Lodge, which was also set up for journalists, continues to meet regularly in London as well.

The identities of the members of the lodges remain unknown, however.

How well do you think you know one of the world’s oldest fraternal orders?

(c) Sky News 2018: Freemasons: How well do you know the secret society?