Parents have been targeted once again for taking their child on holiday during term-time as part of East Sussex County Council’s ‘Get a Grip’ campaign.

Latest figures released by the council has shown 73 parents were prosecuted in December, and courts ordered them to pay more than £22,000 in fines and costs in total.

Of these, nine were given conditional discharges, and one received a 12-month community order.

Councillor Bob Standley, lead member for education and inclusion, said:

“School absences are authorised by head teachers in exceptional circumstances only and holidays do not fall into that category.

“With 175 non-school days available throughout the year, there’s no excuse for taking your child on holiday during term-time.

“Every day of school missed impacts on your child’s education and that of other children in their class, leaving a long-term impact on their future educational and professional career.

“The campaign so far has been effective in raising awareness of this issue and sending out the message that we’ll do everything we can to improve attendance levels in our schools and give our children the best chance of future success.”

In the latest round of prosecutions, 40 parents were from Eastbourne and Wealden, while 33 were from Hastings.

The council said anyone taking their child out of school without permission may receive a £60 penalty notice per parent per child – or court action if they fail to pay.