From left to right: Louis Birch, Michael Anderson, and John Saunders.

A group of men have been jailed for their part in attacking a man from St Leonards who was left with serious facial injuries, which police said he continues to suffer from now.

The 37-year-old victim was found in Blackman Avenue by passers-by in July last year.

He had a broken eye socket and jaw, and it was established he had been attacked and then dragged along the road, while police said his head had been repeatedly stamped on.

Michael Anderson, 37, of Harley Shute Road in the town, and Louis Birch, 54, of Hollington Old Lane, both pleaded guilty to GBH with intent, along with John Saunders, 38, a scaffolder of McKillop Way in Sidcup.

Detective Constable Chloe Barden said:

“This was a vicious and sustained attack on a man where the victim’s head was repeatedly stamped on.

“The victim suffered serious injuries which he continues to suffer from now.

“I am pleased these men have been given such a lengthy sentence.”

Anderson was sentenced to eight years in prison, Saunders was given five years and six months, while Birch was jailed for five years.

They were sentenced at Brighton Magistrates Court on Tuesday, April 24.