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Here are just a selection of the strange stories from around the world that have made it onto ‘Would I Lie To You’ recently. See if you can work out which ones are true and which ones are completely made up!


A man has got so angry about Southern Rail he decided to get a permanent reminder tattooed on his body.

Rauri Barratt, 36, is already covered in ink, but his new ‘Southern Rail are s***’ tattoo has to be the most original. The video producer, from Brighton, got the tattoo on his ribs – an infamously painful place to have any tattoo – to symbolise the misery he repeatedly goes through.

He said: ‘Getting this done doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a Southern Rail journey. ‘I might end up regretting it but the point of this is to make a statement about Southern Rail.’ Mr Barratt kept the train company informed of the tattoo’s progress by live-tweeting the franchise as he was getting it done.

Southern Rail said it did not wish to comment on the tattoo.


Shed enthusiasts have been battling it out, displaying their standout structures for the coveted title of Shed of the Year.

Among the thousands of unconventional entries are pub-inspired creations, a shed floating on skis and a converted black cab.

Almost 3,000 people entered their outdoor havens and there are now just 24 hopefuls remaining. Entrants of the Cuprinol-sponsored competition are hoping to get their hands on a £1,000 prize, as well as the prestigious 2018 title.

The winner will also receive a winner’s plaque, a giant crown and £100 worth of woodwork products.

Judges had been “blown away” by this year’s line-up, according to competition founder Andrew Wilcox. He said: “I will be very interested to see who comes out on top following the public vote. It is going to be a near-on impossible task deciding who will take top honour as the Shed of the Year 2018, I love all 24 sheds.”


St Paul’s Cathedral is set to give a whole new range of visitors access to it’s famous Dome and Whispering gallery – by installing a glass lift.

Currently, the upper reaches are only accessible by climbing the building’s 528 stairs – leading to a height of 365 feet. The Dome and Gallery have, however, always been out of reach to wheelchair users, disabled visitors or those with limited mobility.

The Cathedral’s registrar Emma Davies said installing the lift was a big move but the see through glass structure will be tastefully installed, non-intrusive, and virtually silent. She said we can’t wait to open up the impressive building to visitors who might otherwise have got to experience it. The work starts in January 2019 and will take four months to complete


Cleaning company Glade are to celebrate their 50th birthday by releasing a limited edition range of new and unusual air fresheners.

The new scents, which come in both spray and plug-in form will appear under the banner of Britain’s favourite scents. Flavours will include ‘fish and chip shop’ ‘ground coffee’, ‘freshly baked bread’ and ‘sea air’, and will go on sale in most major supermarkets in July. 

The firm said the range had been in the planning for more than 2 years, due to the length of time it can take to develop a new scent.


Hip hop icon Dr Dre has lost a three-year trademark battle with a celebrity doctor called Dr Drai.

The Still D.R.E. rapper – whose real name is Andre Young – objected to the trademark application of the doctor and media personality whose nickname is spelled differently but sounds the same as the music producer’s.

In a document published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, it said Dr Dre argued that his ‘name in the recording industry is sufficiently related to applicant’s’.

But the US Patent and Trademark Office dismissed the objection, saying consumers would be able to distinguish between the 53-year-old musician and the medical doctor, who is a public speaker on women’s health issues.

Donald Trump’s luxury golf course in Scotland has banned the sale of Irn-Bru.

The ban was revealed after guests asked for the drink to be supplied at an event but were refused because of concerns it stains the carpet when spilt.

Scotland’s favourite non-alcoholic beverage contains colourants that give it its distinctive luminous orange appearance.

A £200m refurbishment at the five-star Turnberry resort, which is on the Ayrshire coast, has included hundreds of thousands of pounds being spent on new carpets.

General manager Ralph Porciani told the Ayrshire Post: ‘We can’t have it staining when to replace the ballroom carpet would be £500,000 alone’.

The ban has sparked fury on social media, with one post saying the US President had ‘declared war on Scotland’.