A flat in Brighton, where the occupants were making the neighbours’ lives a misery, has been shut by police.

Police became aware of anti-social behaviour and criminal activities being conducted at the Brighton flat, including drug taking and dealing.

The flat in Ashton Rise, has been shut down under a closure order for three months.

PC Andy Chapman from the Brighton Prevention team said:

“The occupier and those visiting the flat were making the neighbours’ lives a misery causing anti-social behaviour and drug misuse at the address.

“We worked with the local authority to gain a closure order on the flat which will help prevent this behaviour from continuing.”

The closure order, under the Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, was heard before Brighton magistrates.

It prevents any person from entering the premises at Flat 1, Nelson Place, Ashton Rise, in the city, until 19 July.

Meanwhile, Joseph Cullip, 39, formerly of Nelson Place, Ashton Rise, was arrested.

Mr Cullip was charged with failing to comply with the closure order by entering the premises shortly after it has been served.

He appeared before Magistrates Court on 20 April, pleaded guilty and was fined £100.