The More Radio Hastings Awards 2018

Was brought to you with Crowhurst Park and Pelham Gates

On Friday 13th July 2018 we were at the Azur Marina Pavilion celebrating all that’s great about Hastings and the surrounding area, recognising everything from flourishing businesses, true community spirit, sporting brilliance and individuals with a heart of gold.

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The Winners:


Charity of the Year
We we’re looking for a group or individual who’s made a significant contribution to the community. Maybe they’ve campaigned for something we can all benefit from, improved the local area or made our community a safer place.

The winner
Charity for Kids

Courage Award

Brought to you with The New Inn, Westfield.
The Courage Award looks to celebrate someone whose bravery has been tested, but who has remained resolute, even in the face of the most frightening or desperate circumstances.

The Winner:
The Gowing Family – Chris Gowing, Kirsty Gowing & Monty Gowing


Inspiration Award

Brought to you with Stace & Co Estate Agents.
We wanted to give this next award to a group or individual who truly define the word inspiration. Whether it be through one act of bravery of selflessness or years of determination and hard work. If you know someone inspiring in your life, please get nominating.

The winner:
Pat Fisher


Fundraiser of the Year

Brought to you with Hastings BID.
This award recognises someone who raises funds for one or more of the amazing charities we have in our community. It’s not necessarily the person who has raised the most amount of money, maybe someone who really gives their time, heart and soul to charitable endeavours.

The winner:
Iris Batty


Lifetime Achievement Award

Brought to you with Hastings Borough Council.
We wanted to recognise a local person whose life story is an inspiration to others. Someone who’s shown years of dedication to help others in the local community, or someone who’s overcome extraordinary odds to achieve success.

The winner:
Dee-Day White


Parent In A Million

brought to you with Artemis Nursery.
We we’re looking to recognise a special parent who’s love and commitment to their family knows no bounds, no matter what the circumstance.

The winner:
Laora Avery


Chris Copsey Gold Award

Brought to you with Denis Parkinson Carpets & Furniture.
This is a very special award to celebrate a special individual, group or charity that have a real success story to tell and have really made a difference.

The winner:
Dawn Braine


Sporting Excellence

Brought to you with Source Park.

We wanted to recognise a local individual or team who’ve excelled in their chosen sport over the last twelve months. It’s not necessarily about how many trophies are in the cabinet; skill, determination and teamwork are just as important.

The winner:
Harry Finch


Young Person of the Year
We’re looking for a young person, under 18, who deserves special recognition. Whether they’ve had to overcome illness, disability or tough personal circumstances, or someone who has achieved something significant academically or through a talent.


Top Teacher

brought to you with University Centre Hastings.
We we’re looking for someone whose true talent and passion lies in teaching and inspiring young people.

The winner:
Rebecca Byrne


Best Business
We we’re looking for a local success story; a company that’s made gains in turnover, demonstrated great service and done an exceptional job of standing out from the crowd.

The winner:
Believe in you teens


Best Eatery
We want to hear about the place that keeps you coming back for more.

The winner:
No. Eight Restaurant


Best New Business
We wanted to know of a company that’s been running for 18 months or less, and has shown outstanding potential and drive, or demonstrated excellent customer service, we want to hear about them.

The winner:
Wel Gel (Hannah Bannerman-Watson)


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