A driver had a lucky escape after she crashed and overturned her car at a petrol station.

Police say they were told by the woman that she was unable to apply the brakes.

She noticed the issue while driving her red Ford KA as she approached queuing traffic on the A27 near Lewes.

To avoid crashing other vehicles on the road, she took the slip road into a petrol station.

She collided with the metal posts protecting the pumps, causing the vehicle to overturn.

“Failed brakes” blamed for petrol station collision


The driver told police her brakes had failed and would not depress.

However, officers say the vehicle was subsequently examined and there were no defects discovered within the braking system.

Following an examination of the car we found a full bottle of water, which was crumpled.

PC Gary Douglas, of the Polegate Roads Policing Unit, said:

“While we cannot say for certain, it is highly likely the bottle has rolled under the pedals and prevented the driver from applying the brakes.

“It is imperative motorists ensure any items within their vehicles are stowed correctly before they start their journey, so as not to interfere with any pedals or controls.

“The driver in this case was left shaken but thankfully unhurt.

“Had it not been for her quick thinking, it could have been a whole lot worse.”

The crash happened on the eastbound carriageway, between Falmer and Kingston, at  4pm on Wednesday 6 June.