Fifty mammoth molluscs will be on the streets of Brighton and Hove on Saturday (September, 15).

Scroll down to see pictures and hear from Fat Boy Slim…

The Snailspace sculpture trail is being run by Martlets Hospice in conjunction with Wild in Art.

The snails, designed by local artists, will be on display around the city for nine weeks.

At the end of the event, they will be auctioned off and the profit raised will go to the hospice.

The motto of Snailspace is ‘Be More Snail’.

Fatboy Slim aka DJ Norman Cook, Martlets Hospice Ambassador said:

“‘Be More Snail’ is an excuse to take things easy in an institutionalised way…rather than just calling yourself lazy.

“I think most of the people in Brighton have kind of got a relaxed attitude to life.”

More Radio’s reporter Ruth Sax spoke to the ‘Praise You’ DJ:


Alongside the 50 giant snails there will be nearly 60 junior snails which have been decorated by nurseries, schools and youth groups.

They’ll be displayed in indoor venues around the city.

See them here for yourself.

1. Snailspace

2. Snailspace

3. Snailspace

4. Snailspace

5. Snailspace

6. Snailspace

7. Snailspace

8. Snailspace

9. Snailspace

10. Snailspace

11. Snailspace

12. Snailspace