The Child Of Sussex Awards 2018

On Friday 12th October 2018 we were at the Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel, supporting the Child of Sussex Awards 2018.

The Child of Sussex Awards are designed to celebrate the achievements of the county’s most precious asset: its children.

Here are the amazing young winners:


The Gold Award Winner:
Summer Finlay

The Gold Award went to a very special young lady who is the very definition of fight, determination and courage. Despite fighting a chronic illness and paralysis, she remains a constant ray of sunshine to the many people who are lucky enough to come into contact with her. She never complains, is excelling at school, and will turn her hand to anything. Quite simply, she absolutely refuses to be beaten by any challenge she faces.


Fundraiser Award Winners:
Gabriel Braine, Bertie Braine, Theo Braine
Jaycee Gibbins, Jasmine Gibbins and Ted Brooks

The Fundraiser of the Year Award recognised a group of incredible young people who have a common but tragic bond. Their shared experiences have brought them together into a tightly knit, hard working, and inspirational group of Fundraisers, who are determined to do what they can to help and support others.


Community Award Winner:
Annabelle Hodgson

The Community Award went to a young lady who has shown amazing fight and determination to fight for what she believes in – not just for her own benefit, but for the benefit of many of other children who need additional help and support in their day to day lives. We’ve learnt one thing already about this young lady – don’t mess with her. If she thinks you’re wrong, she won’t be shy about telling you.


Carer Award Winner:
Oliver Davis

This award went to a young man who has offered an incredible amount of physical and emotional support to his Mum. Putting his Mum and her needs first at all times, he remains happy and upbeat, despite facing the kind of responsibilities and day to day challenges that most children his age never have to worry about.


Best Brother Award Winner:
Toby Whittington

Our Best Brother Award this year went to a young man who has demonstrated outstanding courage and bravery in the face of adversity. His natural wit and sense of humour has seen him offer incredible strength and support to the rest of his family – when they need a joke, a smile and a friendly word, he is very much their go-to guy.


Sporting Star Award Winner:
Lily Overton

We wanted to hand this next award to someone who really has worked tirelessly to help, coach, inspire and support others in her chosen sport. The competitions she has been involved with have seen her compete in various countries around the World,
whilst the team she has coached managed to come back from a Word Cup with a silver medal to their name.


Best Friend Award Winner:
Amelie Whiteley

The winner of the Best Friend Award is a little girl who has struck up an incredible bond with an unlikely friend. Her caring nature, infectious smile, and unconditional friendship has led her to be described as ‘a little saviour’ capable a brightening even the darkest of days.


Achiever Award Winner:
Benjamin Reed-Smidmore

So what is it about this winner that made him stand out to our judges? Quite simply, he’s a young man who has bravely fought a debilitating illness, undergone many surgical procedures, and even has to self-medicate at home. We think he’s an incredible young man with huge fight, spirit, and determination, and think he fully deserved this award.


Make a Difference Award Winner:
Jess Downton

This year, the Make A Difference Award went to a young lady who really does stand for everything this award is about. She’s a volunteer, a fundraiser, an inspiration, and most of all an incredibly caring girl whose efforts are hugely appreciated by the many people whose lives she has affected.


Best Sister Award Winners:
Kitty Fairbrother & Martha Fairbrother

It was an honour to recognise two very special young ladies, who have shown an incredible amount of care and compassion in the face of extreme adversity. Demonstrating incredible bravery and resilience, and despite missing out on some of the things that many families take for granted, these girls have been a pillar of strength and support to their parents, and each other.


Courage Award Winner:
Leiana Epps

We recognised a young lady who has had to fight a series of chronic medical conditions – as a result she misses out on much of the fun that most typical 10-year-old girls would take for granted. Despite being faced with such challenges, she remains upbeat, resilient, and shows a truly courageous level of fight and determination.