The FA is to appeal an independent regulatory commission’s decision to clear Jose Mourinho of improper conduct.

Mourinho’s charge for alleged abusive language following last month’s game between Manchester United and Newcastle was found not proven.

The United manager requested a non-personal hearing and the club said they presented a strong defence against the FA’s charge which was dropped by an independent panel.

The FA said: Having carefully considered the written reasons of the Independent Regulatory Commission relating to the case involving José Mourinho, The FA can confirm it is appealing the decision.

In those written reasons, the independent commission hired a Portuguese language expert to determine what Mourinho said into a television camera following the 3-2 win at Old Trafford.

Mr Pedro Xavier concluded that the Portuguese language is complex and the words used by Mourinho could have been offensive in a literal sense.

Xavier said the same words could be interpreted differently in Portugal and that the United manager could have been using an expression that has non-offensive connotations.

The FA say they do not accept that reasoning and believe Mourinho used the words to cause offence.

They will also remind the commission, regardless of intention, if the words used by Mourinho are found to be abusive or insulting then he would be in breach of Rule E3.

(c) Sky News 2018: Jose Mourinho’s improper conduct verdict to be appealed by the FA