Drusillas are asking for bamboo for the zoo for their red pandas.

The bamboo supplies at Drusillas in Alfriston, East Sussex, are struggling to keep up with their red pandas appetite for it.

According to Drusillas, red pandas, Mulan and Anmar consume up to 2kg of the stuff a day.

The zoo is appealing to the public for bamboo that is tall, fresh and healthy.

Zoo Manager, Sue Woodgate said:

“Our own plantation has been struggling to keep up with the pandas’ enormous appetite.

“If any green fingered individuals out there have some fresh bamboo they can spare for our red pandas, we would be so grateful!”

Drusillas said the bamboo must be freshly cut down on the day of delivery and have a long stem with the leaves left on.

In the wild these colourful and charismatic creatures inhabit the Himalayan mountains of China, India and Nepal.

They live on their own or in small family group and live almost entirely on bamboo.

Drusillas’ red pandas are no exception to this rule and have been munching their way through any bamboo they can get their little paws on.

Sue Woodgate said:

“Normally we would look to our own grounds to supply the required bamboo but our gardening team have now had to ask us to stop ‘raiding’ their bamboo as there is very little left.

“We are therefore appealing to the public to help.”

If you can help with bamboo donations contact Drusillas on 01323 874100.

Drusillas red pandas – Anmar and Mulan waiting for their dinner