A new zero waste shop has opened in Worthing town centre.

Larder on Montague Street is owned by Worthing resident Jean Raleigh’s family and was previously Raleigh the Tailors and a number of other shops in between, before becoming Larder in November.

Jean’s ethos for the shop is to ‘refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle and rot’ waste.

The shop is encouraging us to think about reducing our rubbish and swapping out plastic packaging for alternatives.

Jean told More Radio:

“We’re all human, so the idea is to just make some small swaps.

“There are lots of companies out there making things that make that easier.

“Like the bamboo toothbrushes, natural deodorants, things like that.”

Larder uses a scoop and weigh method where customers can weigh out as much or as little produce as they want.

People can bring their own containers or buy reusable jars in the shop.

Pasta, pulses, nuts and dried fruit are some of the products available to scoop and weigh.

Larder also sells refills of eco vegan cleaning products, shampoo bars, naked soaps, wax wraps and metal reusable straws.

Customer and Worthing resident Dawn Smith said:

“I think it’s a fabulous innovation for Worthing.

“There are so many people that want to change the way they live, to reduce plastic.

“I brought my porridge tin in, filled it to the top, took it home, fantastic and good prices.

“By changing your own individual lifestyle, by being green at home you’re protecting the planet and making an effect for your children and your children’s children.

“It has an immediate effect and it is showing the big retailers that we really don’t want plastic and we want to support our local shops at the same time.”

 Larder in Worthing