A charity in Hastings has made an appeal for donations to support expectant mothers who are unable to afford the basic essentials for their baby.

Baby Basics Hastings is part of an established nationwide scheme that came to Hastings in 2017.

The charity supports women who may be homeless, victims of domestic abuse or human trafficking, or who will struggle to meet the financial needs of their baby.

Based at King’s Church on The Ridge, Baby Basics received nearly 100 referrals from community midwives and Health visitors working with disadvantaged groups.

Volunteers said 70 of the referrals were this year alone, with women from across Hastings and Rother.

Natalie Williams, community engagement manager for the church, said:

“We had one woman recently who only had a mattress and was planning for the baby to go on the mattress with her, because that’s literally all she had.”

A Moses basket containing items such as nappies, toiletries and baby grows is given to mums about a month before their due date.

The aim is to provide enough of the basic essentials to get mums through the first few weeks.

Ms Williams said:

“The women who are referred to us really are among the most vulnerable women and they’d be vulnerable if they weren’t pregnant, but when you add the fact that a baby is on the way…

“It’s just brilliant that we’re able to help by giving them this Moses basket.”

Baby Basics Hastings is appealing for donations such as towels, baby vests, jumpers and Moses basket blankets.

The charity said they accept new or good quality second-hand items.

More information can be found on their Facebook site here.