Game-Play Rules & Regulations

  1. To play you must be over 18 for this radio competition.
  2. You may only play one game per person.
  3. Games last approximately 30 seconds and in that time you must grab as many tokens as you can from the air before blowers stop.
  4. The prize amount will be equivalent to the value of tokens grabbed. Each token correctly grabbed, is worth £20.
  5. You may not collect tokens from the walls, floor, ceiling or from clothes, the only tokens that will be counted are ones collected from the air that you get.
  6. All zipped clothing must be done up and if you’ve a hoodie either tuck in hood or take top off.
  7. Once in machine you must face forward ( back to blower pipes ) and not move feet till game finishes. Any turning and jumping will void and stop the game.
  8. Players may if tokens are gathered on floor “ sweep up “ with one foot to start circulation again.
  9. Players must wait to be let in and out of machine by operating staff.
  10. If you want to get out and stop game for any reason, raise both hands above your head and staff will immediately stop blowers and let you out.
  11. All players must be in good health to play and enter at their own risk. We cannot be responsible for any injury when playing game in machine. Players should not have current neck, back, knee or joint issues and should not be pregnant to play.
  12. Our Grab A Grand competition will be operating in 4 separate locations (Burgess Hill, Hastings, Eastbourne & Worthing). The winner will be the person who grabs the most tokens across all 4 areas.