Derek Chisora is still "hurting" after his rematch defeat to Dillian Whyte, but he intends to "fight on", says long-term trainer Don Charles.

Chisora had earned a lead over Whyte from two of the judges until being deducted a second point in the 11th round, and any debate about a decision was rendered meaningless when Whyte then delivered a fight-ending left hook at The O2 in December.

After undergoing medical checks, Chisora met with Charles to discuss his career and the 35-year-old heavyweight has dismissed any thoughts of retirement.

One thing that’s been ascertained, is Derek Chisora is not retiring, he wants to fight on, Charles told Sky Sports.

He’s a very proud man and obviously if he said he wasn’t hurting, that would be a lie. I know my boy really well, it’s hurting. He’s putting a brave face on.

The same way as a coach, I’m hurting, but I have to put a brave face on publicly. It hurts, but we’ve been here before.

We will repair. He will repair and he’ll be back, especially now with the inclusion of David Haye, the new regime, the discipline that David has brought into Chisora’s life. If he can build on this, then I think Derek Chisora is a force to be reckoned with, within this current market.

Chisora had received his first point deduction in the eighth round for a head-butt, with Charles accepting the ruling of referee Marcus McDonnell, but the experienced cornerman questioned the second punishment in the 11th.

Mr McDonnell is a strong, firm and fair referee, said Charles.

I really hate complaining, a poor excuse, we should have kept our discipline, but the referee panicked my fighter, in my opinion.

He panicked Derek, because Derek was paranoid going into that fight, based on the last fight with Dillian Whyte, which we felt we won, and Derek complained about it.

On the night, yes the first point, yes 100 per cent my boy shouldn’t use his head. He got a point deducted. That was warranted.

The second one is questionable, because Dillian was leaning on him at the time. He raised his elbow, yes he did, but he didn’t hit Dillian Whyte with it. It was almost like ‘get off me’.

Carlos Takam was quick to call for a rematch with Chisora, who dramatically knocked out the France-based Cameroonian last summer, although Charles wants his fighter to firstly rebuild with a victory.

I’m sure Takam would call Derek out, that’s what fighters do, he said.

It’s almost like he was saying, ‘I was beating you until you knocked me out’. We would say the same thing about Dillian Whyte.

We have to be smart here. It’s not about being macho. Takam has got every right to call us out, but I don’t believe that should be my guy’s next fight, the same way Takam has come back and had a win.

We should be allowed to do such a thing. Who that opponent will be, I don’t know, because I’m not his manager. It’s something I have to discuss with David Haye and Eddie Hearn obviously.

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