Owner of Labrador that killed sheep near Horsham comes forward

The owner of a black Labrador that killed a sheep at a farm near Horsham has come forward.

Police made an appeal, showing a photograph of the attack on Wednesday (January, 16) at Morris Farm, Old Holbrook.

Officers said the sheep was so badly injured it had to be put down.

Following the appeal, the owner made herself known to police and the matter is being dealt with by community resolution.

The farmer is also being compensated for the loss of their livestock.

Sergeant Tom Carter, rural and wildlife crime lead for Sussex Police, said:

“The owner of this dog has done the right thing in coming forward and the farmer will be compensated for the loss of their sheep.

“However, you can’t compensate for the distress that this has caused and the potential effects that it may have on the rest of the flock, who are pregnant, and I would urge other dog owners to learn from this incident.

“Your docile family pet can turn vicious killer in the blink of an eye.”

Officers are urging dog walkers to enjoy the countryside, but not to allow them off the lead near livestock.

Dog owners can find guidance on walking animals near livestock on the NFU website.

Livestock owners can also obtain Sussex Police posters here.